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Sermorelin, available through Research Chemical, is a notable research compound. Sermorelin is a synthetic analog of GHRH that stimulates the pituitary gland to release growth hormone, addressing conditions like growth hormone deficiency and contributing to normal growth and development.

Ongoing research on Sermorelin explores its potential effect on age-related decline, muscle mass, cognitive function, weight, and even recurrent glioma. By understanding its synthetic nature, its mechanism of action on GHRH stimulation can be explored.

Mechanism of Action

Examining the molecular makeup of Sermorelin, it is comprised of the initial 29 amino acids found in growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), a naturally occurring peptide produced by the pituitary gland. As an imitation of GHRH, Sermorelin functions directly on the pituitary gland to boost the secretion of growth hormone.

Once stimulated by Sermorelin, not only does there occur heightened release but also enhanced synthesis of growth hormone in a test subject. The ability of Seremolin to influence hormonal signaling without influencing insulin levels, or other hormones like luteinizing hormone or prolactin, along with its effects on key components such as growth hormones, makes it crucial in the development of scientific research.

Research and Applications:

Ongoing research of Sermorelin is being performed to include topics such as:

1. Muscle and Skin

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRPs), particularly GHRP-2, are studied in anti-aging therapy including their influence on factors like skin elasticity, muscle mass, and overall vitality. Sermorelin is a GHRP that is being researched for its ability to restore pulsatile Growth Hormone secretion and counteract age-related alterations in the GH neuroendocrine axis.

2. Overall Health

Sermorelin has shown remarkable efficacy in leading to a faster metabolism and increased bone density, which are vital factors for overall body composition and skeletal health.

3. Recurrent Glioma

A recent study identifies Sermorelin as the most effective compound for recurrent glioma, with a particular focus on subjects with high-grade, IDH-wildtype, and 1p/19q non-codeletion status. Sermorelin demonstrates inhibitory effects on glioma cell proliferation by blocking the cell cycle and exhibits associations with immune system processes.

4. Cognition

Sermorelin, a GHRH, was recently studied for its impact on both physical and cognitive performance in aging subjects. Though positive results were revealed in this one study, it is essential to note that there is a need for further investigation to replicate research study results.

Sermorelin Peptide Data:

  • Purity: Our Sermorelin Peptide is produced to the highest standards of purity, ensuring reliable research outcomes.
  • Form: We provide lyophilized powder for convenient handling and prolonged shelf life.
  • Solubility: Highly soluble in water, allowing for easy preparation of research solutions.
  • Storage: Store the peptide in a cool and dry place away from light to maintain stability. Refrigeration after reconstitution is recommended.
  • CAS Number: 86168-78-7
  • Molecular Weight: 3357.91 g/mol
  • Class: Polypeptide
  • Formula: C149H246N44O42S
  • Sequence: H-DL-Tyr-DL-Ala-DL-Asp-DL-Ala-DL-xiIle-DL-Phe-DL-xiThr-DL-Asn-DL-Ser-DL-Tyr-DL-Arg-DL-Lys-DL-Val-DL-Leu-Gly-DL-Gln-DL-Leu-DL-Ser-DL-Ala-DL-Arg-DL-Lys-DL-Leu-DL-Leu-DL-Gln-DL-Asp-DL-xiIle-DL-Met-DL-Ser-DL-Arg-NH2

About this Product:

  • Lyophilized sample in a glass sterile vial
  • 5mg Sermorelin per vial
  • >98% purity for each sample
  • Lab supplies and dilution solution not included

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Sermorelin Peptide FAQs

Sermorelin works by promoting the body’s natural production of growth hormone, which is beneficial for addressing issues such as a deficiency in this essential hormone. It can also aid in metabolism such as the ability to reduce fat mass while increasing muscle mass. Essentially, it supports overall bodily growth and development through regulating levels of growth hormone.

Sermorelin is being studied for its effect on muscle and fat metabolism. However, its effectiveness in preventing aging lacks conclusive evidence from studies. Thus, the choice to research Sermorelin should be based on desired research outcomes.

In the United States, Sermorelin is legal.

Sermorelin has a similar effect to growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) in the body. It stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and regulate levels of growth hormone, which is essential for proper bodily development.

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